Even In Winter Children Need To Play Outdoors

It snowed here for the first time this season and when I asked my Kindergartners how many went out to play in the snow; I was shocked to hear that some of my children did not go out in it.  What?  5 year olds and snow go perfectly together and since we don’t get snow here every day an opportunity to have fun was definitely missed. The resounding excuse was that it was too cold outside.  Again, what?  Many 5 year olds are being raised to think it is ok to stay indoors and play with electronics when they really should be outdoors having fun and staying healthy.  When outdoors the children are provided with fresh and clean air especially at a time when the house is heated and the air inside is dry, germ infested and stale.   Playing outdoors increases circulation and appetite, allows the child to sleep better and decreases aggression and stress.  So what are you waiting for? Playgrounds are still there in cold weather, backyards and front yards are also still there so if your child is dressed appropriately, let them go out to play. When your child says that he/she has nothing to do, take out the sweaters, winter coats, hats, scarves, mittens and boots and go for a walk together.  There is much outside your front door just waiting to be discovered.

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