Encourage Your Child To Label His/Her Drawings With Words

Kindergarten children really enjoy drawing pictures.  This is the time of the year that the Kindergarten teachers are starting to encourage their children to label all of the items in their drawings.  Whatever is in the picture, ask the child to write the word to match the picture.  It could be rainbow, or tree, or flower, or star, or whatever is on the picture.  Keep in mind that at first you will not get the word written correctly nor should you expect it to be written correctly.  We are dealing with 5 year old children here so the goal is to encourage best work while developing confidence that it can be done.  Developing writers will often hear and write only the beginning sound and the ending sound.  Parents this is NORMAL! Please do not expect your child to write with perfect spelling.  As they develop they will begin to hear and use the middle sound as well and you will actually be able to read what has been written(also remember that 5 and 6 year olds cannot hear the vowels so chances are they won’t write with them wither). We want the children to realize that print can be found everywhere even in their artwork.  This will eventually lead to stories with text to match the illustrations. Be patient, your child’s writing is developing and while it does we should be there to encourage great work.

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