A Writing Game For You and Your Kindergartner To Play Together

Kindergarten children are writing more with each passing day and are very excited to show off their new skills.  Here is a quick and fun writing game to play with your child. You will need:

2 people (1 adult, 1 Kindergartner)

1 letter of the alphabet

1 sheet of paper

2 different colored markers

To play: Give your child one marker and you will use the other.  Choose one letter from the alphabet (for example b) and ask your child to think of as many words as he/she can that begin with that letter.  Start with the first word and ask your child to write down all of the sounds that he/she hears in that word. If your child gets all of the letters of the word correct, he/she receives a point for every letter.  If your child needs help from you to correctly write the word, you will use your color marker to fill in all of the missing letters of the word.  Now you will receive points for the letters that you write and your child receives points for all of the letters that he/she writes.  I have yet to play this game with a Kindergartner and win; we adults are usually only needed for vowels or other tough sounds that a Kindergartner does not know yet.  This is a great confidence building game that your child will ask to play over and over. Happy Writing and have fun!


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