Learning About Numbers Is More Than Just Counting

Many Kindergarten children have the ability to count to 100..and beyond.  However, just because your child can count by rote (the ability to say 1,2,3,4, 5..etc) does not mean that he/she can recognize all of those numbers.  Most Kindergartners know how to recognize, out of sequence, the numbers from 1-20 but when the numbers are scrambled and the child is asked to put the numbers in order, that is another story all together.  Parents, there are many skills involved in learning about numbers.  The ability to count by rote, the ability to count items one at a time and come up with the correct answer, the ability to recognize a number out of sequence and the ability to sequence those numbers when asked to put them in order is just a start. If your child is able to count to and recognize all of the numbers from 1-10, this is also a good time to introduce counting by tens.  Just show your child how to add a zero to 1 to make 10, add a zero to 2 to make 20, etc. all the way up to 100.  I found this site that has some interactive, fun math games (i.e., number recognition, guess the number)for your child to play on the computer


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