Children Old Enough To Be In Kindergarten Do Not Need To Be Carried

Please do not carry your Kindergartner in your arms.  Parents send their 5 year olds out the door to head to Kindergarten and tell them what a big boy or girl they are.  Kindergartners get on that big yellow school bus on their own, arrive into their classroom on their own, perform all the tasks of a Kindergartner on their own, make new friends and become a great student on their own, and then whenever parents are in the building and come to pick up their child, what happens?  The parent reaches down to pick up ‘their baby’ to carry him/her through the school and out to the car.  The message that you are sending your child is that he/she is still a baby and all attempts made by the teacher to instill a sense of responsibility and maturity in your child go right out of the window.  Your 5 or 6 year old can and should walk on his/her own.  When you baby your child he/she will act like a baby and when you become frustrated because of his/her immature behavior, you will have to realize that you are sending mixed messages to your child.  Big boy, or big girl sometimes…your baby at other times. If your child is old enough to attend Kindergarten, he/she is definitely old enough to walk on his/her own.

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