School Is Starting And It Is Time To Readjust Your Child’s Sleeping Schedule

Happy New Year to all of my readers! I wish you a very healthy and happy 2010. Most Kindergartners will be heading back to school in a few days and chances are their sleep schedule has been very different or non-existent during the holiday vacation.  Teachers will be heading back to school on Monday and will be expecting your child to be ready to learn! Your child will not be able to work to his/her best potential if he/she is tired.  Tonight is the night to get your child back on his/her school sleeping schedule.  It will be difficult but you can do it. You have tonight and tomorrow night for readjusting not only the sleeping schedule for your child, but you must also adjust the wake up schedule for your child as well. On Sunday night it will be the real thing with a very early morning wakeup call Monday morning for your family.  We want your child to be successful in school when he/she comes back on Monday and you can help by sending us back a well rested and healthy child.


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