What To Do With All Of Those Holiday Greeting Cards

This is the weekend that parents usually take down and store away all of their holiday decorations.  Everything is back in its place and you notice that you still have all of the greeting cards that were sent to you over the holidays.  Children, glue, ribbons, and greeting cards make an excellent combination.  A great way to recycle your cards is to allow your child to make new items from your cards.  Here are some simple suggestions for your child to make new items from your cards:

10 Crafts for your old Christmas cards


Greeting card gift tags:


Greeting card bookmark


Greeting card lacing toy


Greeting card placemat


Recycled gift cards


Christmas card Ornaments



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2 responses to “What To Do With All Of Those Holiday Greeting Cards

  1. Kendra

    We even saved the ribbon from our Christmas packages last year so this year we could drape the ribbon around the living room windows and hang our round/ball ornaments. It was cute and J loved it! This idea was partly because we down-sized on the tree this year since we would be heading to FL that day.

  2. Great ideas! Love your blog!

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