The Day After Winter Break Is Just Like The First Day Of School All Over Again

Tomorrow most Kindergartners will be heading back to school after their winter vacation.  Let’s face it, the reality of being back in school is tough to handle.  Tonight, after your child’s bedtime story, would be the perfect opportunity for you to review the rules of school with your Kindergartner.  1-2 weeks is a long time in the life of a 5 year old and some (many!) rules of Kindergarten are often forgotten over a long break.  Ask your child to tell you the rules of school that he/she remembers.  Then together go over these rules and any that may have been forgotten.  Some children often become anxious just thinking about going back to school.  Little children think that the fun of the vacation will continue and he /she will be missing it once he/she is back to school.  You must remind your child that everyone in the family is going back to the usual routine, whatever that is in your house.  Sit your child down and talk about your expectations for him/her at school.  Remind him/her that everything will be the same in the classroom, same friends, same teacher, and same rules.   Tell your child that you expect great behavior and that you expect great school work and you will get it.  Focus on the positive but keep in mind that for your child, tomorrow is almost like the first day of school all over again.

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