Reading Game For The Beginning Reader (It’s Free)

Here is a suggestion for a reading game for the beginning reader.  All Kindergartners can read or identify boxes of food that they like, such as cereal or cookies or snacks, or a fast food logo, or a toy company logo, etc.  For this simple puzzle game you need only 3 things:

  • Empty boxes of items found in your kitchen or cut out ads from your Sunday paper, or logos from a magazine etc.
  • Scissors (for the adult)
  • Gallon sized zip bags

The idea of this game is to match 2 parts of a box front, or logo, or toy name simply by reading the name of the product.

To make:

  • Take an empty box and cut out the front of the box, so that you just have the side with the name of the product.
  • Take a pair of scissors and cut the box front apart with one squiggly line.  Now you should have ONLY two pieces instead of one. (do not cut the puzzle into more than 2 pieces.) Two pieces are perfect for the beginning reader.
  • The more cut puzzles that you can create the better. Cut each box front or logo in half with a design that is different from all of the others and then spread them out on a flat surface  and have your child match the box fronts or logos simply by ‘reading’ the labels.
  • You will be amazed at how many products your child will be able to read. Keep all of the pieces in one gallon sized zip bag. Have fun with this simple and FREE reading activity.

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