It’s January, Can Your Kindergartner Recognize The Numbers From 1-10 And Beyond?

Second quarter progress reports are coming out soon, so today I started to do some reassessing of basic skills with my Kindergartners. This week I am checking letter recognition, sound recognition, and number recognition.  The children’s ability to recognize letters and letter sounds have improved immensely over the past 6 weeks but the numbers, well that was a different story.  We work with numbers every day, several times a day.  We do calendar math, we count how many days we have been in school while looking at the corresponding number, we go over the numbers 1-31 every day, and we talk about numbers all of the time. So it is frustrating to me that some of the children still cannot recognize all of the numbers from 1-10.  Parents are giving us continued support at home by reviewing letters and sounds every night, encouraging beginning writing, looking for simple sentence starters, and even doing some beginning reading.  However, in general the children are weaker in math than they are in language arts.  Parents, you can help at home by playing simple number matching games with your child, playing card games, playing board games that involve number recognition and by talking about and looking at numbers wherever you go with your child.  In my school system it is expected that all Kindergartners be able to recognize all of the numbers from 1-31, but in reality it is really expected that Kindergartners recognize the numbers from 1-100.  Check out your child and see if he/she can recognize the numbers from 1-31 when they are presented to the child completely out of order. If your child is not able to do this, start practicing now because your child is behind his/her peers.

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