Cleaning Up, Is Your Child Helping?

We read a book at school today about cleaning up.  Something we all have to do.  At the end of the book I asked my Kindergartners if they had to help clean up at home.  Half of the hands shot right up and stories followed about what they have to do to help with the cleaning up.  The other half of the children looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language.  When asked who did the cleaning up at their homes, every child said, “MOM.”  Parents, your 5 and 6 year olds know how to clean up.  They would like you to think that they don’t know how to, but they do.  These same children are required to clean up in their own Kindergarten classrooms every day after every activity.  No questions asked and no getting around the task at hand. Children are taught about the responsibility of helping to take care of their classroom, and the same sense of family responsibility needs to be done at home.  If you are the one cleaning up all of the time after your child, the time to stop is now.  You would be teaching your child a valuable life lesson by allowing him/her to learn to clean up after himself/herself.  Yes, it does take some extra time while your child is learning to clean up the way that you would like, but once learned, it will go much faster.  Kindergartners know how to sort and know how to put items back where they belong.  Try it at home and see what happens.


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