Honesty Is Still The Best Policy Even When You Are 5 Years Old

Kindergartners try so hard to do the right thing at school that when they do the wrong thing it is very hard for them to admit it.  These young children want to please adults (parents and teachers)  and would rather tell a big fib than being honest by telling the truth.  I see this type of behavior every day at school.  When I witness an inappropriate behavior (the hitting of another child, knocking over someone’s toys, taking a snack that wasn’t their own, making a loud inappropriate noise, etc.)  and then ask the child about it, more often than not, the child’s first response is NO I didn’t do it.  I work very hard with my Kindergartners to teach them to be honest and that when they are honest the consequence is usually a verbal reminder to not do it again, unless another child has been hurt or bullied.  However, when I am lied to after I have witnessed firsthand (the hitting or knocking over of toys, or the inappropriate noise, etc.) it is very frustrating. I expect to be told the truth. Children are afraid of the consequence and of ‘getting into trouble’.  They don’t want their parents to find out about inappropriate behavior that has happened at school. Parents please take note the next time that your child acts or speaks inappropriately and make sure that there are no fibs when you are trying to correct your child.  If you notice that your child is choosing to lie to you, please stop what you are doing and take the time to teach (or reteach) your child that you expect him/her to ALWAYS be honest whether at home or at school and whether or not you are there to see the behaviors.


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