Kindergartners Should Check Out Library Books That Have Familiar Sight Words

The next time that your child checks out a book from the school library, or from your local public library, encourage your child to choose a book that might have words in it that he/she can read.  Sometimes school libraries ask Kindergartners to check out books from certain sections of the library.  This is done because it can be very overwhelming for a 5 year old to begin the search for a book and then to come to a decision on one or two books all within a very short time frame.  Your child should ask the school librarian to show them where beginning reading books are. Now that your child is learning to read sight words, it is very exciting for him/her to find some of these same sight words in text in books.  Your child should not be expected to be able to read the beginning reading books that are brought home, only to look for words that they know.  You would still have to be the main reader for your child, but with him/her on the lookout for familiar words, he/she becomes much more involved with the book.  Please also continue to check out books from the library that your child cannot read but is only able to enjoy the illustrations and rich text as you read to him/her.  There is nothing as special as the night time story read by mom, or dad right before you turn the lights out for the night.


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