Food For Thought

Kindergarten children do lots of thinking at school. Lots! In order to do this great amount of thinking, a good breakfast (or lunch for the afternoon Kindergarten class) is needed before leaving home.  I have to say that I was shocked today to find out what my morning children eat, or don’t eat before coming to school.  We were talking about what they had eaten for breakfast this morning and the comments that followed were unbelievable! One child had a brownie and water, several had nothing, one had a pop tart and water, and some had toast and water.  What happened to milk, juice, cereal, eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, French toast and other breakfast foods? And what about a well balanced meal? Toast and water? A brownie! Children need protein to think and feed their brain.  My afternoon class is another story.  Some of these children stay up late, sleep in late and wake up to have breakfast then head off to afternoon Kindergarten.  Several children today told me that they don’t have lunch until they get home…at 4:00! What is going on?  Today gave me a little insight into why so many little hands hold up their heads while I am trying to teach. Why so many children tell me that the work is hard.  Why children come to school not smiling and tell me that they are tired.  These children need to eat better.  Come on parents, you can do it.  Please feed your child a VERY nourishing meal before they leave for school, their health and their school work depend on it.

Article on what foods feed a child’s brain:

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