Simple Text For The Beginning Reader

I have written about finding books in the library or book store for beginning readers.  This is harder than it sounds.  Your very early reader would benefit from a short book that has only 1 line of text on each page.  This means that you will have to flip through the pages to look for just one line on every page. As a beginning reader your child needs to learn to:

  • Find the cover of the book
  • Find the title of the book
  • Open the book
  • Know that we begin reading on the left page and progress to the right page
  • Read the text from left to right one word at a time
  • Recognize each word as he/she reads

There are some books out there with simple text but not many.  I mentioned it in another blog but if you have a pack of stickers you could make some simple books for your child by using sentence starters and being consistent with the beginning of the sentence on every page.  Choose only one sentence starter per book.

Remember you want your child to feel success early when reading so the confidence level builds.  Good luck looking for those beginning reading books they are out there, and if you can’t find them, make some.


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