Recognizing Numbers From 1-100

Kindergartners are learning to count to 100 and are very good at it.  Now that your child can count to 100, it is time to practice recognizing all of the numbers from 1-100.  One way you can do this is to print out 2 copies of the 100’s chart from yesterday’s blog. .

Keep one chart as it is, and carefully cut out all 100 numbers from the other chart. Now sort the numbers and put away the numbers from 31-100.  Give your child the numbers from 1-30 (out of order of course) and see if he/she can match the numbers to the numbers on the chart.  If there is success you can add 10 more, the 10 more and so on until your child is able to correctly match all 100 numbers.  We have been working on this ‘game’ at school and although it sounds easy, it is not.  It takes longer than most 5 year olds are willing to give the activity but you could leave the chart and matched numbers as a work in progress on a table and your child could keep coming back to the project until he/she is done. Try it, you will be amazed at how many numbers your Kindergartner really does know.


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