Sight Word Search

Your child continues to learn more and more sight words every day.  One way to review the sight words is to tear out a printed article from a magazine or a newspaper.

  • Cut the article so that the measurements of the page are about 8” x 8”.  (Anything larger would be overwhelming for your child.)
  • Give your child a highlighter (which 5 year olds love) and tell your child to look for one specific word all throughout the article. (i.e., the)
  • Please do not ask your child to find more than one word for each search.
  • You could cut out several pages and then keep these articles and a highlighter in your purse or tote bag as an activity that your child could do if he/she had to wait for you/big brother/doctor, etc.

Here is a list of sight words in case you missed it when I discussed them in an earlier blog

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