Sentence Starters

As the author of this blog, I am able to see what people type into a search engine to end up finding me.  For the past 6 weeks, the top search has been people looking for Kindergarten sentence starters.  This tells me that this is the time of the year that teachers and parents alike are seeing a surge in Kindergarten writing.  It is true.  Midyear is when writing usually explodes in a Kindergarten classroom.  Now halfway through the year, the children are realizing why they have learned all of the letters and sounds and that they are now able to write down their thoughts with these sounds. These young writers want so desperately to write like their parents, their teachers, their older brothers and sisters, but they do need some guidance from us.  Simple sentence starters give Kindergartners a jump start with their thoughts.  In earlier blogs (October 26, 2009 and October 27, 2009) I wrote about making simple books with your child using simple sentence starters.  Just fold 2 sheets of paper, staple, and there you have it, a perfect sized book for a 5 year old.  Make the book too long and your child will lose interest.   The key to sentence starters is to use only 1 sentence starter for each project.  Using only one sentence starter gives your child the confidence to know what is coming and the comfortable feeling of predictability in his work. Remember, we are dealing with 5 and 6 year olds and we want successful writers who will learn to love writing and who will become lifelong writers with our encouragement.

New Sentence Starters:

I go to

We go to

He is

She is

I have

We have

I go into the…

I run to..

I play….

Sentence Starters from earlier blogs

I see….

I was….

I saw

I look at…

Can you…..?

Can you see a…..?

Can you see the…..?

Can you see my…..?

Here is a …..

Here is my…..

This is a…..

This is the…..

This is my…..

I like a…..

I like the…..

I like my…..

I like to go to…..

Look at the…..

Look at me in the…..

Look up at the…..

Come to the…..

Go to the…..

We can…..

We are…..

We like…..

It is a…

I see a…

I see the…

I see my…

I can see a…

I can see the…

I am a…

Here is the…


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3 responses to “Sentence Starters

  1. Anonymous

    Wow ! Thanks ! As a new K teacher I had found lots of these that were not relevant to K students.

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