Read To Your Child In Your Home Language

I teach 52 Kindergartners a day and these children speak many different languages at home.  (A few years ago I taught 2 classes that had 23 languages between them.)  These Kindergartners are the children of parents who want their children to learn English at school and to further the English language learning; these same parents speak and read to their children in English at home as well.  One tip that I learned at a workshop was that speakers of other languages cannot become fluent in English until they first become fluent in their home language. This is a tough sell to parents wanting the best for their children, but I encourage my parents who speak other languages to continue to speak their home language with their child and to allow their child to hear, speak, and learn English at school.  Parents, if you are reading this blog and you are fortunate to speak another language, please share this language with your child while he/she is young before the interest in learning the language is no longer there.  One way to do this is to read to your child daily from books written in your home language.  Share books that you read as a child and tell your child why the book was so special to you.  Many of the children that I teach are missing out on learning a language in the best place of all….home!


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