Children’s Books On CD

Children love to have stories read to them.  I find that reading stories at school instantly quiets and calms a noisy group of 5 year olds and I am sure that the same is true at your house.  Kindergartners should have books all over your house to look at.  Books can be found in the kitchen, family room, bedroom, bathroom and even in your car.  Kindergartners really enjoy going to the library and choosing a book to read but I wanted to remind parents to not forget about children’s books on CD’s.  When listening to a recorded voice reading a story:

  • a child will learn when to turn the page
  • a child will also learn to follow the spoken voice to the printed word
  • a child will be able to search for sight words that he/she is learning at school
  • your child will be able to listen to the story over and over and over…

While listening to books on CD’s won’t replace reading and snuggling with a favorite adult, it will allow your child to enjoy listening to a story whenever he/she wants to.


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