Movies and Kindergartners

Parents, when it comes to movies and video games, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE allow your Kindergartner to watch only watch G rated movies or play G rated video games. Too often it is just easier to take your child to the movies with you if you can’t find a sitter or it you are taking an older sibling to the movies.   5 and 6 year olds should not be watching any movie that is not rated G.  Their minds and emotions are not developed enough to fully understand what they are seeing but Kindergarten teachers often hear words and see actions that the children are repeating from an inappropriate movie that they have been allowed to see.  If you allow your child to play video games, please choose wisely, preferably games with no violence or bad words. If you allow your child to watch DVD’s or movies please check the rating beforehand and also make sure that your friends and family are aware of your wishes about the movies that your child is able to watch. These children will grow up soon enough, let’s not rush them by allowing movies that are too old for them.


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  1. Thank you for this post! I wholeheartedly agree. It breaks my heart to be in a theater (on the rare occasion my husband and I go to a movie for a date night), and I see a little kiddo a couple rows away, absorbing the same very grown-up entertainment that I am. Since I’m a teacher, I find that I have a hard time taking my mind off that little guy, who is essentially going through an ordeal. And if he expresses any anxiety about what he just saw, his parents might just say, “It’s just a movie.” Sigh. Honestly, there are a lot of G movies that I think are too scary/fast-paced/overwhelming for many Kindergarteners.

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