Physical Fitness Challenge

Want to help your child develop a lifelong interest in physical fitness? How about if your child was able to receive an award from the President of the United States for his/her efforts? Kindergartners today know who our current President is and these same children would be thrilled to receive their very own award signed by the President. There are awards available for children and adults for completing a 6 week physical fitness program.  The goal for children is to move 60 minutes a day, and the goal for adults over 18 is to move 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.  Maybe this is something you could work on together as a family? The official site for the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

There are over 100 activities that count…baseball, basketball, bicycling, dancing, jumping rope, wearing a pedometer, sledding, swimming  are just a few.

The rules for the Active Lifestyle Program

Good Luck! Let me know when your child has earned his/her award.


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