Blizzard 2010

If you live anywhere in the mid Atlantic states like I do, then chances are your child hasn’t been to school all week thanks to the record breaking snowfall.   There is also a pretty good chance that your child’s teacher is going to ask him/her to write about the blizzards (both of them) upon returning to school.  The Kindergarten teacher will be looking to see if all skills learned before the blizzard are still in place and writing about such a historical experience is something for your child to keep.  However, when children come back to school after extended vacations and are asked “What did you do while you didn’t have to come to school?” we are usually met with a blank stare and “I don’t know!”  Help your child think about all that he/she has been doing during this forced snow vacation from school.  Talk about:

  • Waiting for the snow
  • Watching the snow fall
  • Waiting for it to end
  • Helping to shovel
  • Playing in the snow
  • Did your street get plowed
  • Staying inside for a long time with family
  • What activities did your family do together
  • If you lost electricity, what happened at your house
  • Did you have enough food?

Brainstorm with your child and help him/her to write down some thoughts now so that whenever he/she heads back to school, he/she can review the list and be ready with many good writing prompts for writing about the Blizzard(s) of 2010!


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