Olympics and Kindergartners

Tonight is the Opening Ceremony for the 2010 Winter Olympics.  I hope that your child will be watching the Olympics so that he/she can dream about one day being in the Olympics as well.  Many of the sporting events will take place while your child is in school or in bed but you can DVR these events so that your child can watch them later. Your child will take an active interest in the Olympics if he/she sees that you are interested in all of the activities.  Many Kindergartners watch football or baseball games right alongside of their parents so the Olympics should be no different.  Please allow your child to become interested in cheering for a particular athlete, or sports, or country (hopefully your own!).  Kindergartners can learn about speed and time by watching skiing, bobsledding or luge.  Your child can watch the timing records and try and predict which athlete will be have the top speed and what will that speed be.  This can be a math lesson but you won’t have to say that, just sit and enjoy the sporting events with your family.


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