Magnetic Letters

Remember those magnetic letters that you used to have for the fridge when you were teaching your toddler to recognize letters.  Well it is time to dig them out because your Kindergartner will love using them again in a more grown up way.  5 and 6 year olds love to show what they are learning with letter recognition and sounds by taking letters and putting them together to make words.  These words may not be spelled exactly right, but the attempt is being made and they love it and are so proud of themselves.  .  He/she should be able to take the letters and make some simple words and for a challenge try to write some longer words.  As an extra challenge your child could copy the words that he/she has created with the magnets onto a piece of paper, or computer and then print them out.  The possibilities are endless, so give your child magnetic letters and an old cookie sheet and watch what happens!


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