Thinking Skills

Kindergarten children are learning to think for themselves.  Many of these young children only have one way of thinking, .. their way. I try every day to encourage my children to have more than one way of thinking about something but it is a slow process. I want to teach them to have a backup plan, Plan B. One example of this happening is I when I am standing in the middle of the pathway to the mailboxes in our classroom.  There are numerous other ways around the room to end up at the same location but if a young child only knows one way to get to the mailboxes, then my being in the way causes a problem that he/she can’t fix.  I will ask them to think of another way to go to the mailboxes but they can’t.  When a problem can’t be solved, these children are used to being told what to do by adults and not having to think for themselves.  Big mistake!  They have no Plan B.  These children need to not only know how to think for themselves, they need to learn to expand their thinking when things can’t go as planned.  I see this stumbling with thinking skills over and over again each and every day.  The children look to me to tell them what to do and I will walk them through the thinking needed to come up with another plan but I won’t tell them what to do.  Parents, please observe your child’s thinking and if you catch yourself helping them think, or worse yet doing the thinking for them, stop and help them to learn to think on their own.  We can’t follow these children every minute of the day so we have to be sure that these basic thinking skills are in place and are able to develop as the children get older.


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  1. Ughhhhhh. One might be shocked to see how little some kids can do for themselves. You aren’t helping kids out by helping them get tasks done quicker by taking over for them, or just taking over from the start. If they know you will help them, they will just always come to you for help before they even realize they could have figured something out by themselves.

    I see this when I sub. Kids asking for help on the simplest things, from folding a paper, to zipping up a jacket.

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