Keeping A Child’s Enthusiasm Alive

Teachers ask parents to work with their child at home and most parents are more than willing to spend time helping out with their child at home.  The problem can become the amount of time that is spent each day working on school work with your child.  A rule of thumb is that, at home, a child should spend 10 minutes on school work for every grade level that he/she is in.  Kindergarten would be 10 minutes, 1st grade would be 20 minutes, 3rd grade – 30 minutes and so on. It doesn’t always work out that way but this time table should be a guideline.  I learned a long time ago that the best time to stop what you are doing with your child (schoolwork, playing a game, cooking, doing crafts, etc.), is when they are really enjoying themselves and no frustration has set in.  Sometimes in our zealousness to be sure that our child has mastered what we want them to learn, we sometimes stay with a task too long.  Have you ever been doing something with your child that ended in complaining and whining about how they did not want to do it anymore?  Well you waited too long to stop.  When whining and fussing end an activity with your child, then the next time you mention this same activity, you can be guaranteed that you won’t be met with enthusiasm.  However, if you stop your child when he/she is having the best time, then the next time you mention this same activity, your child will be very enthusiastic because he/she will remember how much fun that he/she had with you the last time you worked together.  Try it, it will make a huge difference in how your child views work (either school work or other work) the next time you work with him/her.


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  1. Wow, so true. Yep, I can think of many instances when all was well until…it wasn’t. I’m reminded of the advice from comedians–leave ’em wanting more! Thanks for the reminder.

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