Dance With Your Child

Young children love music and they love to dance.  They don’t worry about knowing the correct dance moves, just turn on some upbeat music and watch their bodies get going.  It’s funny with young children, they have no inhibition and don’t care about who is watching, they just move for the sheer enjoyment of it. We don’t dance as much as I would like to in my classroom, but music works magic when the children are starting to get a little antsy. The music gives them permission to move and be a little silly while learning to move their bodies to the beat of the music.   Please find a few minutes and your busy day and turn on some music that you and your child will enjoy together and then start dancing.  You may be surprised at what your child is able to do and I guarantee that he/she will have fun and so will you!


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Filed under First Grade, Kindergarten, Parents

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