New Kid in Town

A new boy will be joining my afternoon Kindergarten class this week.  This little guy is coming to us from another state so he probably won’t know anyone at our school.  This can be quite a challenge for even the most secure child. We haven’t had a new addition to our classroom since November so I want to be sure that the children know what to do and how to properly welcome him.  I will be able to talk to the children before he comes and explain the situation, but even if your child comes home and says that there is new child in his/her class, there is much you can do at home.

  • Encourage your child to be a classroom buddy for a few days to help the new child learn the class routine
  • Talk to your child about how he/she felt last fall coming to Kindergarten for the first time and not knowing the teacher or any of his/her classmates and try to understand how the new person is feeling
  • Ask your child to talk to ask the new child about the school that he/she is coming from and how is this new school the same, and how is it different
  • Find out if this child lives near you, or rides your child’s bus and how you can help the child and his/her parents become acclimated to not only your school but to their new neighborhood
  • Teachers cannot share your personal information with the new family but you can do that by writing a note (that the teacher can pass along) welcoming the new family and offering your e-mail in case the family has questions about the neighborhood
  • Teachers, students and families all have a responsibility to welcome newcomers.. good luck when the opportunity presents itself to you!

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