Beginning Division In Kindergarten

Kindergarten children love numbers.  They are proud to tell you that they can count out loud to 100 or higher.  They can even count items one at a time to almost 100.  They can recognize the numbers to 31 or higher.  However one task that they just have trouble with is dividing a group of objects in half.  We work on this task almost every day and although they love to tell you about what is fair and what isn’t when splitting up a group, they just can’t grasp the idea of splitting a group into 2 even halves.  Kindergartners can memorize facts such as 2=2=4, 3+3 =6, 4+4=8 and even 5+5=10 but that is only memorization and they cannot carry over this information into the real world.  Try giving your child 10 objects and tell him/her that you want half of the objects and he/she can have the other half. He/she must divide the group into 2 equal groups but this is where the fun begins.  Kindergartners struggle with the higher level thinking needed to divide into equal groups.   If your child is unable to halve a group of 10, start with a lower number, 8, or 6 until your child understands the concept.  If your child is able to halve a group of 10 objects, try 12 and so on.  This is a good exercise that will develop higher level thinking skills.


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