Pattern Practice

Last fall I wrote about the importance of patterns in the development of your child’s mathematical skills.  ( It is to be expected that the patterns will become more difficult as the Kindergarten year progresses and that your child will be asked to copy and create much more challenging patterns. Many children are keeping up the pace with me as I teach and they learn higher level patterns such as ABC, ABCD and ABCDE patterns but some children are still struggling with the whole concept of patterns. Kindergarten teachers cannot emphasize enough the importance of your child being able to identify, extend and create a pattern in his/her environment.  Parents you should continue to reinforce this early algebraic skill in your home by pointing out patterns at every opportunity.  You could also make some simple and not so simple patterns for your child and ask him/her to extend the pattern and then create his/her own pattern that is not an ABAB pattern.

Here is the site for the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives…lots to look at but for patterns, click on Algebra K-2

Here is a PBS site with a pattern matcher game:

Check them out and then let your child explore and further develop his/her knowledge of patterns.


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