Kindergarten Writers and Upper Case Letters

Kindergarten children are quite proud of their writing skills and we are just as proud of them.  These 5 and 6 year olds have been ‘writing’ since the first day of school but the writing is definitely making more sense these days.  The writing has improved so much that it is time to bring in one bit of fine tuning.  I am seeing more and more upper case (capital letters) showing up all over when the children are writing and one little boy explained it perfectly today. “The upper case letters are just easier to write so I like writing better when I can write with them.”  Well out of the mouths of babes…however, before the writing gets out of control, when the children are writing with me one on one, I encourage them to use upper case letters only where they are needed, not in the middle of words.  Please take note of your developing writer when he/she is writing at home and if you notice that there are upper case letters popping up where they don’t belong, it is OK to teach your child where upper case letters do and don’t belong.  We are teaching the same skills at school but undoing this quirk of Kindergarten writers takes some time and patience because the children don’t want to change.


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  1. Ally Edwards-Lasenby

    Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. I have had a look at your blog and would love to link it to our kindergarten blog for our parents to access with your permission. It has great information in easy to understand language for them and links in very nicely with our literacy research we are about to undertake. We really appreciate your interest and look forward to speaking more.
    Kind regards
    Ally, Jo, Abby and Amanda
    Graslands Kindergarten Staff

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