Fine Motor Skills

We finally celebrated our 100th day of school yesterday and one of our activities was to string 100 beads to make a necklace.  This should have been an easy task for a Kindergartner but some of my children were lacking the fine motor skills and hand strength to endure this project.  This was a surprise to me and what made it even more of a surprise was that some of the children who were struggling with the bead activity are reading chapter books at home.  Many of these readers are reading at home and not being allowed to explore other venues of learning that are appropriate for their age. Many parents think that the ability to read is the most important skill for a Kindergartner and yes although it is important it is only one area of development needed to be a success at school. Young children should be allowed to string beads, paint with finger paints, create crafts, use scissors, do puzzles, zip and unzip, tie shoes, and most importantly write legibly without muscle fatigue. Please encourage your child to develop better fine motor skills by offering experiences with any of the items just mentioned.



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