Authors and Illustrators

Kindergarten children are old enough to understand about what authors and illustrators are.  They are learning that the author writes all of the text in a book and that an illustrator creates the pictures to go along with the text. Kindergarten teachers talk about the author and the illustrator every time they read a story to your child.  Kindergartners are listening and what a joy it is to see these young children ask for help finding a particular author or illustrator when checking out books from the school library.  They know what they like and want more of it. When you read a book to your child please be certain to tell your child who the author and illustrator are. When you have completed reading the story ask your child what he/she thought of that particular author or illustrator and have a dialogue with your child.  Then the next time you go to the library together, help your child choose more books from authors and illustrators that he/she has expressed an interest in.



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2 responses to “Authors and Illustrators

  1. Melissa

    This is really helpful. My daughter is only pre-K right now, but oftentimes I even leave off the author thinking she might not get it. But it clicked reading your post — she loves creating her own “books” and I teach her she is the author. Never connected that she would want to know who the author is of some of her favorite books.

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    It is funny what kids get. Their little brains are ready to soak up so much knowledge and we really won’t know what they can comprehend until we try to teach them about it. As for authors and illustrators they like being ‘in the know’ about the book and they do remember authors names..thanks for writing.

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