Encourage Decision Making

Kindergarten teachers work constantly on teaching Kindergartners to make choices on their own.  For many 5 and 6 year olds making their own decision without any adult input is a very challenging task and a task that they are not familiar with.  A good place to try out decision making with your child at home is to allow him/her to choose his/her own clothing to wear to school.  In case you are worried that your child will come down to breakfast with all mismatched clothing there are some simple steps that you could take to help make the decision making process smoother.  As a start you could lay out 3 tops and 3 bottoms that you know go together well and then have your child choose one of each.  Your child will eventually be able to choose for himself/herself, but really parents, as long as the children arrive at school clean, well rested, fed and ready to learn, the clothing that they wear is not important at all. We do ask that you not send your child in Sunday best clothing and that they come in comfortable clothing ready to work, but other than that, let your child start learning to make some decisions by beginning with what to wear. When your child is confident about the decision making process, try and expand it to other areas of your child’s daily life.


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