Cut Apart Sentences

I have talked about sentence starters, sight words, sight word magnets, simple text and many other suggestions to help your child become familiar with the reading and writing process in Kindergarten.  Here is another simple reading game for your child.  You will make some sentences and then cut them up for your child to rearrange into a complete sentence again.  You could begin with some simple sentence starters such as I like, then type the following sentences in very large font on your computer:

I like to go to the zoo.

I like to play baseball.

I like to ride my bike.

I like to swim at the pool.

Now print out 2 copies of the sentences.

1st copy: cut the 4 sentences into sentence strips so that each strip has a complete sentence.

2nd copy: cut the 4 sentences into sentences strips and then cut each strip apart word by word.

Give your child the complete sentence to look at, and then scramble the cut apart words that make up the same sentence and have your child recreate the original sentence.  Continue until all 4 sentences are reconstructed and complete.  The possibilities for sentences are endless but when you write sentences, make them interesting for your child by including activities, games, movies, etc. that he/she likes.  Start with your child having a sentence to look at when rebuilding the sentence and then progress to just giving your child a scrambled up sentence and asking him/her to build a sentence that makes sense.



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2 responses to “Cut Apart Sentences

  1. Rosanna Carrick

    I really like your ideas! Thank You

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    Thank you for taking the time to write..Hopefully you can find lots of great ideas here!

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