Telling Time

Now that more than half of the Kindergarten year has passed, and the children are more mature, they beginning to have a better understanding about the passing of time.  Teachers post daily schedules on the board so that the children know what we will be doing on a specific day.  We talk about what time we will start a project, what time we need to leave our room to be elsewhere and how long it is before we need to clean up and begin another activity.  We incorporate talking about time all throughout the day.  At home you should incorporate talking about time whenever you have the chance.  This will help your child understand how long 10 minutes, ½ hour or even an hour really is.  Some parents explain time by comparing it to how long a favorite movie or TV show lasts.  At any rate, try talking more about time, the passage of time and what time it is now with your own child.  They do understand, we just have to keep reviewing it.


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