Read What You Write

I was at a meeting yesterday afternoon and I completely surprised a first grade teacher when I said that not all Kindergarten writers are Kindergarten readers.  What I meant was that just because a Kindergarten child has the ability to write a pretty coherent sentence that doesn’t need a detective to decipher, it doesn’t mean that same child can read his/her own writing.  The first grade teacher was not the only one in disbelief as there were also teachers from grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 present and not one believed me.  Teachers of grade levels other than Kindergarten do not usually experience the level of developmental learning that Kindergarten teachers see every minute of every day.   Almost all of my children are writing using sounds.  Most of my children are able to read back to an adult what they wrote.  Some of my children are able to write using beginning, middle and ending sounds but when it comes to reading it back, they are totally stumped.  The reason for this is that these children are so taken with the writing process trying to think of one sound at a time, that when they get to the end of their thoughts, they can’t read it back. They are not developmentally ready to string together letters and sounds to begin reading. These children can paraphrase what they were trying to write but they cannot touch and point to each word that they wrote and read it to us.  Interesting but true!  Keep this little bit of trivia in mind the next time that you ask your child to  read what he/she wrote and don’t be surprised if they say they can’t read it.  Be patient; ask your child what he/she was thinking about when writing and you may be able to find words in the writing that make sense to you.  Eventually, the words will make sense to your child as well, they just need some time to figure it all out.


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