Describing Words

Kindergarten children enjoy writing and are quite proud of their own efforts.  Up until now I have accepted simple thoughts and half sentences because I wanted to boost the confidence of these young writers.  Now it is time to ask for more and to encourage the development of mature thoughts.  When a child writes “I played outside.” It is time to ask the child to stretch his/her thoughts and add exactly what was played outside.  Another favorite topic for writing is “I had a sleepover.”  Where was the sleepover and with whom? Kindergartners are capable to expanding these beginning sentences; they just need our help to organize their thinking.  Take a moment to observe your child’s writing and if you see simple sentences without detail, ask questions and help your child think of ways to expand and describe his/her thoughts to give the reader more information from the sentence that has been written.  This process will take some time and doesn’t come easily to a Kindergartner, but it can be taught and now is the time.


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