Kindergarten writers make mistakes when writing. Older children and adults make mistakes when writing.  While older children and adults have the ability to erase and fix their work and start over, Kindergarten children just love erasing and lose the ability to move on in their writing.  5 and 6 year olds will erase and erase and erase until they have a hole in the paper and then after all of that, will forget what they were thinking about and what they wanted to fix.  Some Kindergarten teachers take the erasers off of all pencils so that the problem of erasing never happens.  I prefer teaching Kindergarten children to make a quick X over their mistake and keep moving on with their thoughts. When you make an X mark over the letters that are wrong and not needed it is quick and easy and does not interfere with the thinking that is taking place to accomplish the writing.  At home, please encourage your child to make a quick X over letters that he/she does not want and then keep on writing.


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