Writing on Lined Paper

For most of the school year my Kindergartners do not write on paper with lines.  I don’t introduce writing on lines until the last few months of school.  Learning to form letters correctly takes a great deal of time and energy if you are 5 years old and when you add to that trying to squeeze the letter perfectly into a small space between the lines, the stress level really goes up.  Young children are developing their fine motor skills (muscles in the hands) and while doing this often use large tools such as oversized paintbrushes, large crayons, and large pieces of paper.  They have to eventually learn to put letters into proper spaces but first they must have time to learn how to put letters and thoughts down on paper.  Young children need lots of space to explore this new found skill called writing.  I do not limit my children with lines on paper because I have witnessed frustrated children who are trying so hard to form the correct letter and fit the letters into a small space.  These children often give up on writing rather than learning to be a risk taker because the thought of writing the letters ‘just right’ often interferes with the writing process.  If you are encouraging your child to write on lines at home, please stop.  As your child matures, so will his/her writing and fine motor skills.  Don’t worry there will be plenty of lined paper in first grade but for right now, we are just trying to develop young writers that love to write!


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