TV In Bedrooms of Kindergartners

I am always amazed at the number of my Kindergarten children who have a TV in their room.  Not only do they have a TV but many of these children have unlimited access to this TV.  What’s going on here?  The more alone time that your child spends in front of a TV in his/her bedroom, the less time that he/she is spending interacting with family members.  I understand that sometimes parents just want to watch something different from their children but really, can’t your TV program wait until your child is in bed and you have had time to interact as a family?  Tomorrow is the first day of spring and in many areas the weather is finally changing for the better. If your child has a TV in his/her room, please remove it now and encourage move family interaction at your house or head to the store room or garage and take out his/her bike.  You will be so surprised at how your child’s gross motor skills have improved since Kindergarten began last fall and with a little practice you will soon be able to remove those training wheels.



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10 responses to “TV In Bedrooms of Kindergartners

  1. I agree 100%. So many times, my students come in and complain that they are tired. When I ask why, they tell me they turned on the TV when they were supposed to be sleeping. They are also watching inappropriate things, which leads to nightmares and more.
    And of course, as you bring up, they should be spending time with the family or outside, not zoned out in front of the t.v.!!

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    Thanks, it is so refreshing to hear from others that share my views on TV for little ones in their bedrooms. Sometimes I feel like I am a salmon swimming upstream when I try to explain my philosophy to young parents.

  3. my son does have a tv in his room but the only thing that is hooked up is the dvd player and he only gets to watch it on days that it is really stormy, early on the weekends when mommy sleeps in. He never gets to stay up later and watch it and if he did try that it would be removed immediately. I know of several kids who stay up all night with the tv cause they can;t go to sleep without it and that i think is the worst thing. I think a tv in the room is okay but it use should be limited and it should not be hooked up to cable where the kiddo can watch whatever. thanks for your insight.

  4. kindergartenteacherclaire

    well you have a valid point and it sounds like you are very much in control of the tv in your son’s bedroom. My point was more for the families that never check in and don’t really realize the amount of time that the child is spending watching the tv and being away from family time.

  5. Mary

    I too am frustrated by too much television in our childrens lives. We don’t watch tv at all during the week and maybe for 30 minutes on the weekend. My children do not have a tv in their room either. What really baffles me is when they go to a friends house and I learn that they spent 2 hours playing video games (something else we limit) or watching tv. Even in kindergarten their playing revolves around video games and it drives me crazy. They are too young! I am having a hard time letting my son go to any friends houses because I know it will be nothing but video games. I feel like out of all of my son’s friends I am one of the few parents that doesn’t let them play just video games. Whatever happened to playing together and running around outside? Now my 5 year old wants to go to friends houses just so he can play videos and watch tv . If I ask him what his favorite thing to do over the weekend was it won’t be all of the fun things we did as a family- it will be the playdate with the video games. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • kindergartenteacherclaire

      I feel your pain. When my now 28 year old son, was 10,11,12, we lived overseas and had no tv, or video game, or any fun electronics. Where did he want to play after school? At friends’ houses that had every video game, etc. This was frustrating. We did end up buying a vdieo game or two but we never had as many as other families had. Perhaps you could meet/talk to parents of playdate friends and talk about what the kids will be doing while your son is over there playing. If video games, tv come up you could give your family philosophy on tv during the week. Many parents use the tv/video games/electronics for babysitters and since the kids are happy…all must be ok. I don’t have an answer but I do wish that more parents were aware of the downside of all these electronics for their kids.

  6. Donna

    Love this point…I think this shold hold true for grownups too. How many people do you hear say they feel asleep watching TV. Proud to say there are NO TV’s in any of our bedrooms.

  7. kindergartenteacherclaire

    That’s great! I wish more parents agreed with you. I randomly polled my classes today and so many children have TV’s in their bedrooms. ugh!

  8. Amanda

    I found your blog from the Kindergarten board, and I’m proud to say we own 1, yes 1, tv. That’s it. We have one tv in the living room for the whole family to use. Granted we do have cable and a DVR, but that’s mostly for me so I can watch my shows after my son is in bed. You wouldn’t believe the amount of crazy looks I get from people when I tell them we only have 1 television, lol.

  9. kindergartenteacherclaire

    Congratulations to you!! and your family!

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