Developing Spatial Sense

“Spatial sense is an intuitive feel for one’s surroundings and the objects in them.” (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1989) Children live in a world of movement, shapes and patterns, in other words a world of geometry.  Your child should be able to explore size, shape and patterns in a given space.  Here is an activity that will help your child develop visual memory.  Why not see if your child can duplicate a 3 dimensional shape that you make.  You could start with legos or connecting blocks of some kind.  First you make several shapes out of putting together no more than 5 legos or cubes in different colors.  Each shape should only be one cube or lego high.  Now ask your child to look at your shapes and then make the same shapes on his/her own.   When your child is finished he/she could check his/her work by placing his/her shape on top of your shape.  You could also ask your child to make a shape going in the opposite direction of yours (mirror image).  Ask your child to explain to you why his/her shapes are the same size and shape as yours.  This activity will allow your child to compare objects and to explore the relationships of size, direction and position in space.


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