Clocks in Bedrooms

Kindergarten and First grade children are learning to tell time and a good place to practice telling time at home is right in their own bedrooms.  5 ,6 and 7 year old children should have a clock in their room so that they can start being more aware of time, (what time is it now, the passing of time, or waiting until a certain time.) Many parents tell children that they can’t get up until a certain time, or that lights have to go out by a certain time, or that a friend is coming over at a certain time.  Kindergartners and First Graders understand much more than we often give them credit for.  If your child does not have a clock in his/her own room, please put one in there now so that he/she can practice using the clock to develop better time awareness skills.  When you talk to your child try to incorporate using times into your language.  Rather than saying “we are leaving soon,” try saying “we are leaving at 11:00,” or instead of “you have to go to bed soon,” try saying “you have to go to bed at 7:30.”  As you use more time language in your speech your child will soon be using more time language in his/her own speech patterns. Try it!


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  1. a real clock. not digital. That’s what screwed up my students. They could all read a digital clock but still had no sense of time

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