Finding Sight Words When Reading

Kindergartners continue to learn sight words and many more will be taught before the end of the Kindergarten year.  As you read to your child each evening you might point out one word that he/she should be listening for or looking for as you read.  Choose a simple sight word that you know will be in the text that you read.( here  is a list of sight words from a previous blog of mine) to learn that these sight words show up all over the place, not just on the word wall at school. Start small and concentrate on only one page, more than that will cause your child to lose trace of the story.  Before reading, choose the one page and have your child look it over top to bottom and see if they can find the mystery sight word.  After it has been found, now you can read the story but have your child listen closely for the word to appear in the story.  This may seem like a small activity but children do need to know that these sight words appear everywhere, not just on walls or in books at school.  Give it a try with your own child and see if that one word doesn’t start showing up in his/her writing as well.


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