Making Connections

The next time that you read to your child, or that he/she reads to you, start talking to him/her about making connections with the book.  A connection is talking about what this book makes him/her think about.  There are 3 kinds of connections:  “text to self”, “text to text” and “text to world.”  Sometimes a connection happens as soon as your child hears the title.  The title might remind him of something in his/her own life (text to self), of another book that he/she has heard (text to text), or about something that he/she has observed in the world around him/her (text to world.)  The connection can happen on any page of the book, one never knows what exactly is going to make a child think about making a connection.  It is fascinating to watch Kindergarten children open up with their connections as the year progresses.  You very rarely see this happen in the fall of the Kindergarten year, but now that we are entering our 4th quarter of school and the children are very comfortable with small and large group discussions, we see connections happening all of the time. Sometimes it can be the illustrations that remind them of another book, or something funny the author says reminds them of something funny that they have experienced, or a connection can be made to a character in the book.  Connections happen whether you read fiction or non-fiction books to your child.  You might have already noticed that your child is beginning to make connections when you read to him/her at home.  If you have not witnessed it yet, start talking about it and encourage your child to talk about what he/she is thinking.  He/she will hear all about connections for the next several years, so now is the time to make the word connections part of your child’s vocabulary.


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  1. mary louise obrien

    It is so interesting to read about what is happening in the mind of K children. I have seen them make the connections but never realized the terms relating to those connections. It is amazing to see children develop physically, but seeing the mind learn and grow is most amazing. I am catching up on these wonderful blogs.

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