Math Kindergarten Benchmarks

4th quarter is upon us and your child will be expected to reach several academic benchmarks by the end of Kindergarten.  This week I am giving you checklists for each major academic area in order for you to see how your child is progressing towards reaching all of the Kindergarten benchmarks.  Please take some time to review the skills listed and ask yourself this question, “Is MY child able to successfully achieve ALL of these skills consistently and independently without adult help?” If your child is experiencing difficulty mastering these kindergarten skills, it may indicate a struggle next year in first grade.


  • Can count items to 31 and beyond
  • Can recognize numbers to 31 and beyond
  • Can count one object at a time
  • Can count backwards from 20
  • Writes a numeral for a group of objects
  • Sorts and explains how items were sorted
  • Creates simple and detailed patterns
  • Is able to understand one more and one less
  • Describes position using the words, first, second, third, fourth and fifth
  • Makes a reasonable estimate of quantities
  • Demonstrates and explains addition by using up to 10 objects
  • Demonstrates and explains subtraction by using up to 10 objects
  • Sorts and classifies groups of objects by color size or shape
  • Makes graphs and charts to represent data
  • Identifies squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles in any position
  • Measures length, weight, capacity and volume using objects such as links and cubes
  • Recognizes and names a penny nickel and dime
  • Identifies and uses the cent sign
  • Describes, copies, creates and extends simple patterns

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