Social Skills Benchmarks for Kindergarten

4th quarter is upon us and your child will be expected to reach several academic benchmarks by the end of Kindergarten.  This week I am giving you checklists for each major academic area in order for you to see how your child is progressing towards reaching all of the Kindergarten benchmarks.  Please take some time to review the skills listed and ask yourself this question, “Is MY child able to successfully achieve ALL of these skills consistently and independently without adult help?” If your child is experiencing difficulty mastering these kindergarten skills, it may indicate a struggle next year in first grade.

Social Skills:

  • Stays and works with an activity for an appropriate amount of time
  • Completes activities on time
  • Learns and uses peers names
  • Responds to adult’s questions
  • Follows multi-step directions
  • Cares for personal belongings
  • Responds appropriately to changes in routine
  • Waits appropriately without interruptions
  • Focuses attention on a speaker, either a teacher or a friend

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