Ready for Kindergarten?

More and more parents of preschoolers are starting to follow my blog so I thought I would write today’s blog for them.  Now is the time that many schools are having registration for fall entrance into Kindergarten so it is time to ask yourself if your child is REALLY ready.  You know your child the best.  Keep in mind that most Kindergarten classes have 25 or more children and that alone will be a huge adjustment for a new Kindergartner.  Here is a list of behaviors that could potentially cause problems for your child at school.

  • Immature speech
  • Trouble separating from mother
  • Constant state of movement
  • Attention span is short
  • Can be easily distracted
  • Fine motor skills needed for cutting and coloring are not developed
  • Forgets safety rules
  • Is disruptive or destructive
  • Would rather argue than compromise
  • Needs rest but resists settling down
  • Difficulty with changes in routine
  • Unable to finish tasks
  • Works better one on one rather than in a large group
  • Trouble following one step and two step directions
  • Has silly humor that others around him have outgrown
  • Tends to forget and lose items or belongings

If your child exhibits any of the above behaviors then you might need to talk to some professionals to help you make an informed decision.  Preschool teachers, Caregivers or your pediatrician would be able to help.  If you decide to send your child in the fall, then I would make an appointment with his new teacher and express your concerns, your child’s emotional maturity, the school’s programs, and services and how you will all work together for the best possible year for your child.

I also wrote about 80 skills needed to make a smooth transition to Kindergarten  in a blog I wrote in August 2009.


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