A Dictionary For Your Child

When your child gets to first grade he/she will begin using a dictionary to help with correct spelling when writing.  Your child is starting to understand that words have more letters than he/she can always remember.  To help your child with his/her writing at home, you could make a dictionary with your child by using a spiral notebook.

  • Have your child make a title page…My Dictionary by: (your child’s name) is all you need on the title page.
  • Take a marker and at the top of each page write one letter of the alphabet. (page 1, A,a…page 2, B,b…page 3 C,c..and so on.
  • Now you have 26 pages ready for words
  • As your child learns to read/write words that he/she uses over and over when writing, add them to the page that has the first letter of the word.
  • Slowly your child will add familiar words to the dictionary pages and this tool should be by his/her side whenever he/she writes.
  • Words that are added can be words that your child is interested in, i.e., dinosaurs and would like to learn to write it correctly.  Words can also be friend’s names or family member names.
  • The words that will interest your child are endless, but if he/she is interested in knowing how to correctly spell some words, now is the time to get going on that dictionary.


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2 responses to “A Dictionary For Your Child

  1. Melissa

    I just wanted to say what a great idea this is! We started one yesterday for my son, who often protests at writing anything or attempting to spell on his own, and he’s been looking all over for words to write in his new dictionary! He’s even attempting to spell them on his own too.

    I really love your blog and wanted to take a moment to thank you for your great ideas and wisdom. It’s been a great resource for us!

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    Thanks for taking the time to write. I enjoy sharing my years and years of Kindergarten teaching experience and am so happy to hear a parent say it helps!

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